"Elizabeth is an exceptional public speaker.  She has the 'knack' of knowing how to reach her audience, either by creative visual aids, analogies or enthusiastic presentations.  She is cognizant of what is entailed in providing a powerful presentation and is a master at writing speeches, as well as, delivering them."

 Gino Picasso, CEO, GlobokasNet, LLC

“This season in my life has been devastating.  Disease, job loss and everything in between.  Elizabeth has not only demonstrated the power of what God and perseverance can do in the face of hard times. . .but she has inspired me to rekindle my own internal 'spark' and remember that my physical, mental, and spiritaul health are equally precious and that we can never back down, never stop fighting!  I am blessed to have heard her story and I am now going through my own transformation with her help. She has the innate ability to motivate others to relight their fire for God and for life.  I am forever thankful to have met this


Marissa Zeveigenhaft

"I experienced Elizabeth's speech on Transformation at the Get Courageous seminar.  Elizabeth's confidence, clarity and creativity captivated my attention and kept it throughout the speech. Informative and energetic is what any event planner would want.  I most enjoyed her use of visuals and other tools to further keep us on the edge of our seats.  She would be an asset as a speaker at any event.  I look forward to hearing more from Elizabeth Christian!"





"Elizabeth Christian's speech on transformation was truly inspirational.  She not only shares her unbelievable journey from triumph to victory, but Elizabeth also provided a light to our path including tangible reminders to use when we encounter obstacles along the way.  I am now armed with the proper tools and ready to transform my life.  Thank you!"



Shawn Mason Spence, MA

Author/Speaker/Healthy Living Expert

Lisa Walker, Baltimore, MD

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