Step Up the Pace - Urgency Matters

It never ceases to amaze me how many sales people have absolutely no sense of urgency in responding to customers. It is such a simple habit to develop that will immediately make you rise to the top in the eyes of your customer.

We live in an immediate gratification society. People are used to getting information on the spot. I can't tell you how much fun is is to respond immediately to a person’s email request. They are both shocked and delighted.

Even if you know you won’t have the answer right away, it’s important to acknowledge that you received their request, will be working on it, and let them know when to expect to hear back from you.

The moment you receive a voice message or email request, the clock starts ticking. You and your service will be judged on how quickly and efficiently you respond.

Create a circle of energy around yourself when you sit down to work. Set immediate goals, keep your eye on the clock, and start working your plan with urgency to get it done as though your sales depend upon it, because they do!

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