How It Felt to Be Speaking Again - Giving My Transformation Speech at The Get Courageous Seminar Apr

Ever since joining Toastmasters for eight years in my thirties, I have had a passion for public speaking. I wanted to launch my speaking career then, but didn’t feel it was a viable option for me when I had a family to support.

I decided that 2015 was going to be the year I make my dreams a reality and was grateful for the opportunity to give my Transformation speech at Kiki Ramsey’s Get Courageous Seminar April 11th.

It was a speech I felt compelled to write after making so many significant changes this past year. “Turning on my light bulbs of body, mind, and soul” enabled me to lose over sixty pounds and adopt a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. It’s a journey of transformation that I wanted to share with other women in hopes of motivating them to get started as well.

It was fun using my prop of the three light bulbs to physically demonstrate what had occurred mentally during my transformation. We all learn in different ways and having something visual reinforced my message to the audience in a memorable way.

The whole process of writing the speech was an enjoyable exercise in discipline, introspection, and creativity trying to make my points, weave in inspiring stories, and make sure that my words would effect change.

I love being creative and was delighted to put together the gift of a transformation kit for everyone in the audience. My purpose was to empower them with tools and reminders to help jumpstart their own transformation journey, but I also liked the uniqueness of having physical items to reinforce my main points. It was gratifying to learn afterwards that someone had taken her little trash can to work to remind her where to put negative self-talk and that several people had put the quotes that inspired me throughout their house to motivate and inspire them. It made all the extra effort worthwhile.

I actually couldn’t wait to be introduced and back to what I love doing most – public speaking and motivating others to achieve their goals. I had put a lot of time, thought, and effort into expressing my transformation journey and I truly felt I was speaking from my heart to each one of theirs. Exuding passion, enthusiasm, and energy, it was exhilarating to feel it coming back during and after the speech. Receiving a standing ovation at the end was simply icing on the cake.

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