Born To Surrender

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"Never has such a short book carried so much wisdom. I read a passage each day and used it as a meditation to help me enrich my life. Elizabeth's words of spiritual wisdom challenge each of us to achieve the goals God has for us which he has given us talents. The hardest thing is always the surrender...this short book is an amazing guide to do just that." Cathy C. 

"Elizabeth Christian in her book Born To Surrender has done a wonderful job in giving practical life experiences that will help anyone trust God and fully surrender to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your gift to the Body of Christ." Pastor Johnny Worthy. 

"The book is motivational and inspirational. If I am feeling as if I don't know what to do, remembering God's GPS helps to get me back on track." Virginia W. Brown

"Born To Surrender will uplift you, inspire you, and give you new many of the verses spoke to me personally!" Mary Beth

"Born To Surrender is a phenomenal book! I like how you have the Bible verse and have a real life that goes with it." Gloria L. 

"I love that it's short, bite-sized paragraphs. Easily consumed. Even though I'm super busy, I can just grab it and read it for a minute here and there. It's such a powerful and inspirational book!" Anna D. 

"Born To Surrender is an effective, practical, realistic, inspiring, joyful, celebratory owner's manual to one's life, one's Bible and one's future legacy." Elizabeth Skirvin Tyson

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